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9/23/2009 08:46:20

a tectonic hazard is caused by convectional currents in the earths lithosphere. tectonic activity is responsible for geo-physical hazards such as earthquakes,volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

1/15/2014 06:52:59

Very good point. its helped me lots with my geography homework so... Thanks!

Mr Greig
9/23/2009 10:38:17

Nice point Jackie. Do you reckon that the hazard is produced by these tectonic processes alone - or do they come about when people interact with the natural process, in this case the tectonic processes?

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10/4/2015 18:42:34

A tectonic hazard can be defined as an event occurring due to movement or deformation of the earth's crust with the potential to cause damage to property and loss of life. Examples include earthquakes, volcanic hazards and tsunami.

9/27/2009 06:45:31

In response to Mr greigs point about people interacting with the natural process. I think the "hazard" is produced to humans by many factors, for example the ever increasing population. In regards to how people are interacting, one hundred years ago, a hazard such as an icestorm (not technically a tectonic hazard but an example all the same), an example being the Canadian ice storm os 1998(or 1988 ) was only so devestating because of the mass infastructure that was destroyed, would not have had the same effect because this infrastructure would not have been there. Some would argue that People have exacerbated problems that were already present, but things such as global warming and climate change would have been severely slowed by a world that didn't have a human presence. Others would argue that people did not exacerbate these problems, but caused them in the first place. the burning of fossil fuels could well have been a triggering factor for the changing of the climate and the increase in tectonic activity. I do also agree with jackie about the defining of a tectonic hazard. - It is something caused by the movement of the planets tectonic plates under the surface that has a profound effect, such as a volcano of earthquake, or indeed a tsunami such as the one that occured on boxing day 2004.

9/27/2009 08:03:20

Tectonis hazards are something caused by the plates in the earth moving around. For example, Earthquakes, Volcanose and Tsunamis. The most well known tsunami is the boxing day 2004 asian tsunami, which claimed over 200,000 lives. A well known earthquake is the Sichuan Earthquake, which occured in may 2008, in China.

9/27/2009 10:31:50

Like Alexis said, something isn't really a hazard unless theres someone or something there for it to be a hazard to. I mean there are volcanoes under the sea but you wouldn't exactly say that they were a hazard

9/27/2009 10:44:39

the development of human activity like the contrsution of settlements like in the Izmit region or the construction of dams increases the strain on the land/ environement this may have a have a triggering factor in the frequency tectonic activity.

Mr Greig
9/27/2009 12:38:26

There's some really interesting points here folks and I like the way the ideas are evolving. There are three schools of thought out there on this:

Determinist: hazards are caused by the natural processes in the background, but are triggered by the interaction of these physical processes with people.
Behaviourist: hazards are caused by the choices and actions that people make, and are triggered when people interact with a natural process such as tectonic activity.
Stucturalist: hazards are caused by people's interactions with physical processes, however, it is the limits of people's actions which are the big factor here. Some people are more able to prepare, respond or avoid natural processes which cause hazards while others are less so.

There's some food for thought. Where are everybody else's comments?

9/27/2009 12:55:12

another thing to consider with tectonic hazards (earthquakes etc) is our abbility to record the hazards. as statistics are showing an ever increasing number of earthquakes world wide (there is a apple 'app' which shows you all the earthquakes that have occured around the world) which brillently highlights the effect earthquakes are having on peoples everyday life, for example 50 years ago, a earthquake below (roughly) 4 on the recter scale would of been unlikerly to be shown around the world as a earthquake (may make local press) yeh we can now show everyone even small scale earthquakes.

yeet the real question is at what point does it become a direct hazard? is it when there is a loss of life? or when there is damage to a building, or is it at some other point?


10/1/2009 05:30:50

Tectonis hazards are something caused by the plates in the earth moving around. For example, Earthquakes, Volcanose and Tsunamis. The most well known tsunami is the boxing day 2004 asian tsunami, which claimed over 200,000 lives. A well known earthquake is the Sichuan Earthquake, which occured in may 2008, in China.volcanoes are when pressure from the molten rock beneath the earth's surface becomes too great, the rock, usually accompanied by lava or gases, escapes through a fissure or vent in the crust of the earth.

10/4/2009 09:41:20

Plate tectonic hazards are natural risks triggered by plate tectonic processes for example earthquakes, landslides and volcanoes. Tectonic hazards are caused by movements of the earth's crust such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis etc.
Every day parts of the surface of the Earth are rattled by earthquake tremors, and occasionally, some regions are shaken violently during earthquakes, resulting in widespread damage and destruction. Earthquakes in Iran, Turkey, and Japan have demonstrated how the motion of the Earth’s tectonic plates can suddenly make apparently safe environments dangerous and even deadly. “Earthquakes” focuses on the furious power of nature unleashed and the massive devastation that is often a result of the relentless forces that build up within the Earth.
There are four different physical processes that cause tectonic hazards which are in forms of plates. These are:

Destructive plate
Constructive plate
Conservative plate
Collision plate

The image above shows tectonic plate boundary worldwide.

Mr X
10/5/2009 04:09:35

Tectonic hazards are incredibly dangerous, this causes problems all over the world and has a direct impact on the countires that sit right on the boundries.
They are hazards that can't be avoided but. You can only contain and limity the damages by putting in place safety percautions and adequate emergency procedures.

For example, the city of california lies right on a constructive plate boundry that constantly slides alongside each other causing earthquakes on a regular basis.
Living on this boundary is very dangerous and risky, as you risk loosing your home as well as lives.

10/5/2009 10:22:46

i agree with Alexis's point about tectonic hazards not being hazards if they dont affect people because otherwise are they not just tectonic movements? so i think im a stucturalist. Can you describe a tectonic movement as being more or less Hazardous then another?

10/6/2009 13:51:42

yess jess of corse you can describe a tectonic movement as being more or less hazardous than another, based on when it takes place, where it takes place and how powerfull it is. for example if an earthquake of 4 on the richter scale struck in an MEDC with impact proof infastructure and well organised response and evacuation plans in place than its effects would be minimal. where as if a far more powerfull earthquake hit in an ill prepared LEDC it would cause devistation, makeing it far more hazardous. i also think that a significant amount of tectonic movement is alwase a hazard wether it takes place in an area of human population or not. though it may not directly have human impacts these movements have so much of an effect on the landscape, ecosystems and even the climate, that we do not know what indirect human impacts they could have in time to come, therefore we must consider them hazardous.

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